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Archives for December 2016

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What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is all about meeting the life goals. Financial planning helps you move in right direction and provides a meaning to your financial decisions. Acquiring a house, car, providing good education to children, planning for their marriages, and a peaceful retired life are some of the major life goals. For meeting the goals, one

Mutual Fund Terminology, holding, entry load, exit load. MF, terms, AUM, NAV, corpus, portfolio, SIP, Fund Manager, NFO

Mutual Fund Terminology: Most Common Terms

A Mutual Fund scheme application form, prospectus, or fact sheet repeatedly mention certain terms. A better understanding of Mutual Fund Terminology is essential for assessing different mutual fund schemes to make an investment decision. This article covers the most Commonly used Mutual Fund Terminology or terms. Net Asset Value (NAV) Net asset Value or NAV