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Calculator: Wedding Expenses

Any responsible parent starts thinking about the marriage of their children, even before the children start going to school. Marriage of children is one of the most important financial goals in everybody’s life. The savings are made for long term. Regular investment in mutual fund is one of the best options, available, since the investment

Calculator: Maturity Amount or Monthly Investment (SIP)

The basic question that arises when you think about any invest is on the maturity amount. How much should I invest monthly (SIP) to get a particular maturity value? OR If I invest a particular monthly amount (SIP), how much will be the maturity amount? Here is your solution. Please click Continue Reading and the

Calculator: Educational Expenses

Quality education for children is the key financial goal of most of the parents. The decision on this goal depends on many factors like the course which the child wants to pursue, the preferred institution, the cost of the course and the sources for meeting the expenses. It is possible to meet a certain portion

Calculator: Own Dream House

Having own house is the most important dream in anybody’s life. Have you started creating a fund for it? Please click Continue Reading and the Click Here button to assess the position. (Courtesy for calculator: BNP Paribas Mutual Fund) We  may suggest you to go through the articles Owning a House Is a Celebration-Purpose For Which

Calculator:Retirement Corpus

Please click Continue Reading and the Click Here button to calculate the quantum required to have a peaceful retired life. (Courtesy for calculator: BNP Paribas Mutual Fund) Please visit Retirement Planning: Why Should I Plan And How Much? to have a better understanding of the concepts.   Disclaimers The information herein is meant only for