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Mutual funds: How to read scheme related documents

Every mutual fund commercial ends with a few words of caution that read: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks – this bit is absolutely true and almost every investor knows this. However the latter part of the sentence – Please read the scheme related document carefully before investing – is easier said than done.


Know your rights and duties as an MF investor

Every mutual fund investor enjoys certain rights under Sebi’s laws and rules and fund houses are bound to extend those rights to their investors. Some fund houses, which are investor focused, however, extend services which are more than what their regulatory obligations. Here are some of those rights that mutual fund investors currently enjoy.  


Five common myths about mutual fund investment

In our earlier article on investor awareness, we highlighted various advantages of investing in mutual funds like diversification, professional fund management and liquidity. However, there are certain myths associated with investing in mutual funds. In this article, we would like to clarify five of the most common myths associated with investing in mutual funds.  

Protecting a good investment and making money concept

Types of mutual funds – A closer look

In this investor awareness series, we have spoken about the importance of asset allocation, we busted a few myths around mutual funds and also helped you understand Systematic Investment Plans. In the fourth and concluding article of the series we will highlight various types of mutual funds. As you would now know, mutual funds are